Induction Triple Burner cooktop reviews

inductionThe True Induction Triple Burner cooktop is one of the best induction cooktops on the market. This is the largest unit in the True Induction line with three burners, allowing you to cook more at a time. It is UL 197 Commercial Certified, meaning it could be used in commercial kitchens, restaurants, or other business establishments where food is served. The triple burner runs the same power sharing technology as the other double burners offered by True Induction. It also has the ability to be used as a counter inset or could as a portable unit.

The True Induction cooktops has multiple built-in safety features. One safety feature of this unit is the sensor that knows when a pot or pan is placed on the burner and when it is taken off. If you forget to turn the burner off but did remember to take the pot or pan off the burner, the cooktop will register this; after a stand-by time the cooktop will automatically turn off allowing for a safer cooking environment.

True Induction cooktops use a magnetic based technology that only allows the cookware to heat up. This provides an energy efficient cooking process while also saving you time and money. When purchasing the optimal cookware for the induction cooktop, it is best to make sure the bottom is flat with a diameter between 4.5″ to 10″ inches. To test if the cookware that you already have is compatible with the induction cooktop, simply place a magnet on the bottom. If the magnet sticks then your cookware is compatible. This unit also has a glass ceramic top which allows for an easy cleaning process. All that is needed is a damp cloth to wipe down the surface. For a more detailed clean, the cooktop can be easily removed from the countertop and cleaned thoroughly.

Less Time Cleaning, More Time Eating

True Inductions seamless ceramic-glass cooking surface gives provides a modern, elegant appearance, setting it apart from the competition. The smooth surface makes cleaning up after the messiest of meals quick and easy. It is as simple as wiping across the cooktop with a damp cloth.

EZ Touch Controls

With its intuitive EZ Touch Control, True Induction cooktops are simple to use. Each burner has its own set of controls. These controls are simple to use and does not have any unnecessary buttons. This allows you to spend more time cooking what you love and less time learning how to use it.

Patented Power Sharing Technology

True Inductions patented power technology allows for more energy efficient cooking by allowing the burners to split wattage between them. This split makes it so when one burner can run at full power or two burners can run a fifty percent power. It also allows the unit to run more effectively on the standard 110v outlet already in your kitchen.

induction 3The True Induction Triple Burner cooktop combines innovation and versatility, making it one of the best induction cooktops on the market. With the versatile design, the True Induction TI-3B model has the ability to be installed flush with countertop, creating a seamless, continuous surface or can be used as a portable unit, making this cooktop a perfect solution for use in in a home or an RV. True Induction is the trusted standard for induction cooking in the recreational vehicle industry. True Induction has used its experience and knowledge to develop a three burner gourmet cook top with a power configuration and foot print specially designed for recreational vehicles. Unlike the other three burner induction cooktops on the market that require direct 220V wiring, the TI-3B can run off two 110V outlets, eliminating the need to hire an electrician. True Induction’s high efficiency cooktop utilizes a magnetic based technology that energizes the molecules of the cookware to produce heat. This process is extremely energy efficient as the cooktop never actually produces heat allowing you to cook food faster and at the same time use less power. Ready to start cooking? The optimal cookware for induction cooktop has a flat bottom and a diameter between 4.5 to 10 inches. It is simple to tell if your cookware is compatible with True Induction, simply grab a magnet and if it holds to the bottom of the pan, your cookware is compatible. The most common types of induction compatible cookware include stainless steel, cast iron and steel-enamel. Please note, each plug must utilize its own separate dedicated 15 amp breakers.