Time fore COFEE!

OK, I read a number of the reviews posted here before purchasing this mug warmer, and did a little research to check what the power used (wattage) was supposed to be. The manufacturers seem to want to keep this a mystery for some reason — all of them. There were reports that this Mr Coffee device had the same wattage rating as other similar mug warmers that had decent feedback ratings. So, I decided to try it. The power number mentioned was 17 watts, which sounds about right for a device this size. The watts of power generated is THE most important characteristics of any heat producing device and this Mr Coffee mug warmer seems to live up to the purported 17 Watt rating.

They don’t put any power or energy information anywhere on the packaging material and there is no information in the small instructions pamphlet either but the bottom off the device says: “120 V 60 Hz 17 W”, so, 17 watts it is.

Now, if this electrical device consumes around 17 watts, you can assume some of the heat energy is lost to the table and the edges of the plastic housing and if you put your hands around the device, there is some loss there and my desk beneath does get a little warm. So, clearly 17 watts is not going into the cup. But for such a simply made device, like all the others I see advertised too, it appears to generate a majority of the heat energy at the indented area where the cup will sit.

And by the way, the heating are where a mug sits is 3-1/4 inches in diameters — which will accommodate some pretty big mugs.

The depressed area where your coffee mug sits gets noticeably warmer than the sides of the device. It is hot but not so hot I can’t touch it. I wouldn’t want to hold my fingers there for very long but it’s not like its glowing red. It’s touchable.

So, I took it out of the packaging, plugged it in, set a cup of coffee on it, and did a little work — like maybe twenty minutes.

The coffee was a bit cold to start, not even cool, and when I picked the mug up a little later the coffee was warm, the mug was warm..

The mug warmer doesn’t heat it to a hot coffee temperature but check it’s name — it isn’t supposed to. It “warms” the coffee.

As a couple of reviews pointed out, the manufacturers are skirting the boundary of generating enough heat to make it dangerous to be left heating on a desk. You can’t have a relatively small, inexpensive plastic device have a red-hot burner on it, not when it’s intended use is sitting next to my monitor amidst piles of note and maybe near a textbook or two.

If you want really hot coffee, clear a space on your desk and get a true hot plate with which you can also fry bacon. Or get a small stand to hold a microwave. After all that, I was quite pleased with how effective it was in “warming” a drink.

Keep your favorite mug of coffee, tea or cocoa hot when you want it. Convenient on/off switch with on light indicator. Extended cord length to use almost anywhere. This will be your favorite gadget!

  • Easy to tote and take anywhere
  • Use for coffee, tea, hot cocoa & more
  • Surface easily wipes clean
  • On light indicator, This mug warmer is 17 watts.
  • On/off switch
  • Convenient cord length for use almost anywhere