Gourmet Cookware Set

GreenLife 12 Piece Hard Anodized Non-Stick Ceramic Gourmet Cookware SetIf you are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional non-stick, you have to this. Food slides off easily and yet it will also brown w/ no trouble. Each pot/pan is heavy but not too heavy and they feel good in the hand.
Beautiful cookware that provides a health statement that you can rest assured your food won’t be absorbing those harsh chemicals that are embedded in the non-stick cookware lines.


Just cooked once on them so far and loving them. After cooking on them for a while, they are still awesome, nothing will stick and they clean very very easy. The nonstick coating inside the pans are great


Great, safe for health product for such nice price. They cooks fantastic, either to cook stuff with without burning or charring. And they cleans easily inside and outside.

You will be shocked at how much better things cook in these pans. They’re heavier made than any teflon I’ve ever had. Easiest pans to clean in the world. Even if you cooked several meals in them you will never used any grease or oil at all. If you have become adjusted to the flavor that teflon leaves in food, then you’re taste buds are in for a little change. The food cooks much better in these.

GreenLife 12 Piece Hard Anodized Non-Stick Ceramic Gourmet Cookware SetThe heavy glass lids fit the “open” fry pans as well as the stock pot. Only use medium heat on propane stove and they do indeed need a lower flame to cook well than cast iron and most stainless steel. The non-stick quality is excellent, so far. Wash them a few minutes after they cool with mild dish soap and a sponge. Use the soft scrub side of the sponge for the bottom and so far they look just like they did when I received them. Put them in the refrigerator with food a couple of time and use them in the over. Works well for both uses. You can cook a lot of greens and a fry pan format to a stock pot. I found a 12″ wok to be a good addition to the set also. And a 12″ lid to fit both the pan and the wok was a worthy addition. Have a pot hanger above the sink that holds the entire set plus other pieces.

These are the best pots and pans you can easily pay twice the cost if you had to in order to replace them. You can find nonstick pans without the possible health risks and after much research went with these. While they do not have an obvious coating on the inside NOTHING sticks to them. You get the quality of Le’Creuset but you won’t spend more than 30 seconds cleaning them. The hardware is sturdy and strong and you won’t get a better value for the price!

You will absolutely love this pan set. You will not have no a single issue with food sticking to the pots and pans and they are extremely easy to clean. You can use wooden utensils or the utensils that come with package when preparing food to keep from scratching. There are some issue which is relatively small is that the pans can not be placed in the dishwasher. Also, it says not to use olive oil with these pans.

cookerAmazing pans for the price. These pans are great for the price range and have stayed no stick with months of hard use. The utensils are not great but for the price they are a nice plus.


Top of Form

Color: Gray Interior

  • Bottom of Form
  • Extra durable hard anodized body
  • Oven safe stainless steel handles
  • Coated with Thermolon healthy ceramic non-stick coating
  • Oven safe (lids up to 220 Degree Celsius/428 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Easy hand wash