Cool features that will satisfy your cooking

GE Cafe CGP650SETSS 36 reviewsHere’s a few features that made this an easy choice for us, after looking at many other brands, features and appearance:

Burners are distanced a bit more than you’ll see in other gas cooktops. That allows for more a more efficient transfers of heat to your pans, and insures more even heating.

There is a “Fifth Burner, Center”, that has the highest BTU rating, and will heat a large “Restaurant Pot” of liquid quickly. The “Rear Right” burner is purposely small, and will allow cooking and melting delicates… butters, chocolates, etc. All burners have an incredibly “low simmer setting.” This means GE is using high quality valves-burner controls. Overall, you have control over your burners that you may have “fought for” with your old cooktop.

From the heavy cast iron grids to the heavy built control knobs, this Cafe Series is closer to commercial equipment; it’s not a lightweight.

It requires an incredibly low temp simmer to keep the coffee hot, without burning the coffee… (a huge no-no). Manys the time I’ve forgotten to turn that burner off when I transfer the coffee to a serving urn. The blue LED halo-lighting can easily be seen, especially at night, and is an instant reminder that you’re “gas is on!”

There’s actually a safety lock-out knob that allows you to disable all of the gas knobs. We only have one grandchild under one-year right now, so I’m not sure we’ll have to worry about this right now. But I’m sure I’ll find another reason for assigning this feature “5-stars!”

We’ve been cooking with Lodge-brand cast iron skillets for quite awhile. So when I saw that the griddle adapter was made by Lodge, I was impressed. And what was interesting was the specialized burner control for use of the griddle. The “Rear Left” control includes a setting that will control both of the left side burners “In-Tandem.” It’s specific to the use of the griddle, and gives you the even heating you’ll need for golden flapjacks! Another item… like the distancing of the burners to the cooking grids, (extra distance for even heat), the griddle stands up a bit from the burners too, which adds to “even heating.”

While no gas cooktop is perfect, I felt like we not only got a very fair deal buying via Amazon online, but we actually got the best product for our needs. It took me two hours to remove the old (18 years) GE Profile 36″ gastop with downdraft venting system…. AND ONLY 30 MINUTES to install this new Cafe Series. Of course, once you have a pre-cut hole in your counter, it’s really just a matter of insuring a good fit, and customizing your sealing of the cooktop to the counter material. Outside of the “quantitative evaluations”, we both feel that this cooktop… well, “Just looks so good.” It’s probably the stainless finish with the bold grid design and the large knobs!

Deep-recessed cooktop Deep-recessed cooktop contains spills in one area that’s easy to wipe clean • Sealed cooktop burners Burner elements are sealed to the cooktop to keep foods and liquid contained on the cooktop, making cleaning painless • 20,000 BTU tri-ring burner Three-in-one burner is designed for accelerated boiling and gentle simmering • Non-stick griddle Prepare pancakes, eggs, bacon and more on the large, non-stick surface • Precise Simmer burner Allows for low, even heat distribution that is ideal for delicate foods and sauces • LED backlit knobs Sleek LED backlit knobs indicate when burners are on • Heavy cast grates Premium cast iron grates deliver the highest level of cooktop performance

  • 5 Sealed Burners
  • 20,000 BTU Tri-Ring Burner
  • Precise Simmer Burner
  • Heavy Cast Grates
  • Child Lock