Gaggia Brera Superautomatic Espresso Machine, Silver Reviews

Traditional Italian espresso

The new face of traditional Italian espresso, the Gaggia Brera features an elegant brushed stainless steel front panel and a compact design that is much more space efficient than most machines in its class. But don’t let its size fool you; this super automatic takes full advantage of advanced technology-allowing it to go toe-to-toe with the industry’s heavyweights.

  • Mavea Water Filter – four stages of filtration to remove impurities and reduce scale build up
  • Low energy consumption – standby mode activates after one hour of idle time
  • Programmed to notify users when care is required
  • Low energy consumption – standby mode activates after one hour of idle time
  • Pre-infusion feature ensure maximum flavor and aroma extraction. refer trouble shooting guide below before using the product


Here is the comment of B & K last May 31, 2015

Color: Silver Verified Purchase

My sister has owned this exact model for a few years (she bought from holelotaluv). I bought the same one, here on Amazon. The machine works great! The customer service ph# rings to two companies in New Jersey (this company and ‘holelotaluv’). They are very friendly, reside in the same building, and answer each other’s phone calls if the other company has gone home for the day. They are always patient with the customer, are confident in their knowledge of their machines, and have good advice. I am very glad that I bought this machine and from this company.

Easy to make coffee: Pour coffee beans in the hopper (top). Pour distilled water in the left drawer. Push one of two start buttons (short/long pull).
Easy to clean: After about 5-6 coffees, empty the coffee pucks from the right drawer.

There are fancy features you can use. Coffee potency: This machine permits user to have 7-10grams of coffee grounds by selecting one-two-three coffee beans on the display. There truly is a difference. Coffee potency is also affected by the length of pull: so if you choose 10grams of coffee grounds combined with a short pull, then the machine will make strong espresso by using the maximum coffee grounds and the minimum amount of water passed through the beans.

I use the minimum of 7 grams of coffee grounds, and the maximum amount of water (long pull). I use a 12oz disposable cup with this machine. I do one long pull, then add sugar and a dash of creamer, then fill with hot tap water to the top.

I have used all the features on this machine, but honestly, I have always been a creamer kind of person, not a frothed milk type of person.

I like coffee from this machine because I like my coffee’s beans ground immediately before brewing. I don’t mind the brief blooming of the grounds that this machine does, and I like the water to be on the grounds as briefly as possible which this machine does very briefly. In contrast, using the same beans, drip coffee makers leave the water on the beans too long and instead of resulting in a nice wake up coffee that hits the spot in your head, drip coffee makers produce a coffee that gives jitters, has weak taste, high acidity.

Drip coffee makers: flavor is in the air for you to enjoy smelling. Flavor is not in the cup of coffee.
Gaggia Espresso Machine: very little coffee fragrance in the air, lots of flavor in the cup of coffee. House smells fresh.