Amazing Product Tested and Proven

cofee gatorThis is an amazing product, I would recommend to anyone. Now, the reason I say this is because I literally roast 2-3 days worth of beans at a time. Regardless, you need a sealed, air & light tight container for your roasted beans. This fits the bill. And the nice stainless steal of course keeps the static cling of leftover chaff down. You need this for your coffee. Also, another cool feature that you don’t see on other canisters, it the date dial. Now, I suppose you can set it however you like, the roast date, use by date, purchase date… whatever your preference is. Again, I don’t take advantage of this because I roast small batches often, but what a lovely feature to have.

The beautiful Coffee Gator Canister is the difference between good coffee and incredible, become-the-most-popular-person-you-know coffee.

Your coffee beans start their life on a tree that’s taken at least four years to grow. The best fruit is selected and harvested twice a year, dried in the sun for weeks, raked, turned by hand and covered in rain and at night. The beans are hulled, polished, sorted, graded, bagged, loaded, shipped, tasted, cupped and roasted. Roasting turns the green beans brown and unlocks their fragrant caffeol oil. Now it’s a race against time to get bean to mouth before the flavour deteriorates.

A lot goes into your morning coffee. So we think you’d agree it should be treated with respect. We should bow down and worship it. Hold it in the esteem it deserves.

A Coffee Gator Canister means no more messing about with fiddly coffee packets that tear in the wrong place or split open at will. No more trying (and failing) to keep the packet airtight with sticky tape or elastic bands or clothes pegs.

So dance like there’s nobody watching. Love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like there’s nobody listening, and keep your coffee fresh in a Coffee Gator Canister.

  • Holds 1lb/16oz/453g Ground coffee
  • Holds 1.1lb/17oz/482g Whole Bean
  • Height 7.5” / 19cm

Check out our customer reviews; we’re pretty darn proud of them 🙂

Coffee Gator

  • ENJOY DELICIOUSLY FRESH COFFEE – You pay a premium for quality beans, so respect them. You wouldn’t park a Ferrari in a dark alley or tie a racehorse up outside a bar. So why leave quality coffee in a packet that belongs in the trash? This premium quality, stainless steel container looks the bees knees and loves your coffee like a taxi driver loves a naive tourist.
  • SAFE FROM FLAVOR DESTROYERS – Coffee beans naturally emit CO2. But when it comes to storing coffee, CO2 is the enemy. We won’t bore you with the science, but take it from us; CO2 to coffee is like salt to a slug, de-icer to a cat or kryptonite to Superman. This canister has a one-way valve which allows Co2 to leave but stops air and light from entering and attacking flavor.
  • TRACK FRESHNESS: SAVE DOLLARS – The airtight Coffee Gator Canister protects your investment. It has a handy wheel on the lid to track the expiry date. So you can serve guests coffee at it’s prime, reduce waste and save on replacing stale beans and grinds. We even throw in a free eBook & scoop worth $7.97.
  • DRINK BETTER COFFEE – our mission is more smiles per cup. That’s why we NEVER compromise on quality, service or your happiness. If these values are not important to you, cheaper options on the market may better fit your needs.
  • LIMITED OFFER PRICE: Get your hands on all this while the pricing gods are smiling on you. By now, most discerning, good looking, coffee drinkers will have already clicked “Add to Cart”. But if you need more convincing, we offer a 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee on all Coffee Gator products (no annoying, nosey questions asked).