I highly recommend these cutting boards. They would make a wonderful house-warming gift or Shower gift, or just a treat for yourself!.

The smallest is perfect for a sandwich, to lay the bread side by side and build from there and then just flip it over onto your plate, or just use the cutting board. I love the nice handles each has, gives you a good grip when you are using it to scrape something from the board into a pot, like veggies for soup.


All natural bamboo cutting boards are a great asset to your kitchen. These cutting boards come in 3 different sizes, durable and look so nice just setting on the countertops. With this being bamboo wood it is better for your knives and the life of them, rather than using a hard plastic board.


The price was very reasonable. You can place them on your countertop because they look very pretty. Very handy to use when you take a hot pot off the stove, as you will use them also to keep the heat off my countertop. They are not as thick as some may like, but they are sturdy and well-made. Do not  use

them for meat, since they are wood, and in order to keep them nice you can only hand wash them as recommended.

This boards are practical and look

great in your kitchen. In fact, they look so great, they’re always handy. You can put one of the set

in a vacation home, they’ll stand u with regular use and washings. You really can’t go wrong with this set. I would definitely suggest this bamboo cutting board set, whether you buy it for your own home or as a gift.

Dark Bamboo Chopping Board- 3 Piece by Ergo Kitchen Products

Bamboo Material For Durability

Bamboo material is known by its strength. You will look forward to share

many kitchen experiences with this cutting board.

Chop Like a Professional With Cutting Board that Looks and Feels Good

The beauty of equally patterned bamboo strips can be seen in this cutting board at the same time feel the textured surface of this board.

Comes in Three Pieces To Avoid Cross Contamination

This set comes in three pieces of board in different sizes to cater to your different chopping needs. You can assign raw meat, ready-to-eat, cooked depending on your needs to keep your food safe.

Non- Reactive Choice Material for Your Safety

This is made of natural material that will not react to the foods you will cut and will not affect the taste of the food even if the food is acidic.

Ergonomically Designed Handles For Easy Gripping

The rounded handle will feel nice in your hands and make it comfortable to grip.


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